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Welcome to the Offical home of J.D. Mullet Massacre

John Denver Mullet Massacre is a Green Week team celebrating the recently slain mullet of the famous folks singer's once flowing mullet. Consisting mostly of Engineering students, JDMM has set it sights on becoming drunk all week. Yeah sure we wanna win some shit aswell, but getting totalled is our primary concern. Team JC/JD "Together at Last" is our partner in crime through the week, as Col was a member of their team in 2003 under the name "Jesus in Maroochydore". Unfortunately their captain Mitch has thrown down the gauntlet and reckons his team can bring down our commandos. Keep dreamin buddy!

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Team Member Profiles



 Co-Captain of JDMM. Is a bit of a nob when he's sober so it's best to keep him drunk at all times

AKA Big Col, Meathead, Guru


 Co-Captain of JDMM. If it's stupid, embarrassing and plain wrong, Sean has done it 3 times.

AKA Ocie, Lama Boy


 The number 1 female hope for JDMM. Tash has proven her worth many times, once bringing down the almighty Col in an post centurion skull-off.

AKA Tashy, Netski, Noosh


 We thought we'd recruit Schwarzenegger onto our team for purely token points. Unfortunately he can only scull Protein shakes...

AKA The Muscle, Cheap Shot, Arnie


Woody, believes in 2 things. That beer is good, and that endagered native wildlife is always "In the way"

AKA Stu, The Hunter, Road Kill


 Graz is a smooth pimp daddy, it is doubtful we will be able to restrain the women chasing him during Green Week

AKA Smitty, The Terminator


 Don't let Priya's size and usually detereorating physical condition trick you, she's actually a hobbit! A DRINKING HOBBIT!

AKA Priya Shitmykneesissorerajah


 Pax is king among men. Enough said

AKA Slapper Magnet


 Wow, some say Lauren's hair has hypnotic powers, others say there is family of angry Russians living in there...

AKA Little Boof, Pop-a-boob


 Daz is a database, he knows everything so don't f#%k with him.

AKA The Database


 Don't let this photo fool you, Jamarl is dodgy. If he isn't out stealing TVs, he's at the pub using 3rd rate pick-up lines

AKA Black-man


 Ferg has some really weird customs which we can't mention. But here's a hint, there's no trees on the 2 moons orbiting his comet...

AKA Spread-Eagle


 Seb is a big drinking Chilean who likes porn

AKA Dirty Spaniard, Dirty Sanchez, Puto, Gringo, Castro

 Nicky is best known for the 2 massive marks she left on Ollie's neck on Eng camp, let's hope her drinking skills match up
Crazy Pete

 If Pete isn't talking cars, he's down at his local butcher cutting up meat with his hook hands and tongue.

AKA Pete Murray (his actual name)


 Susan is from ...cough cough BRIGHHHTON. Reckons she's not much of a skuller, but only time will tell


 Unbelievably, this woman has put up with Sean for over a year now. Unbelievable...

AKA Sean's Lauren, Sean's Leash


 Hahaha Waz goes for the pies...

AKA Warwick


 Jimmy may well be Satan himself. A great bloke who is always thinking of the benefits of drinking beer

AKA Squitha


 Tim is from Chirnside, so youz all better be nice to him. Whatta youz reckon?

AKA Youz Tim, Tim from Chirnside