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This story and event is definitely one of my favourites as it was filled with so many fun events and for me personally was one of my favourite weekends during 2000 and my high school years.

For me the weekend started when I went to a 18th of one my brother's friend's on the Friday night. I returned home finding that my parents had left for our holiday house. Anyone who knows me, will find that this happens every week these days but at the time was always a welcome invitation. I woke up the next morning with one hell of a soar head and I remembered that I had made plans to go to the motorshow with my mate Justin. So I gave him a call and arranged to meet him in the city and we went to see all the bloody expensive european cars. Our mate Ollie was also lucky enough to have his parents go away and had convinced everyone to come over. I went straight to his house in fucking Donvale while Justin wanted to go home first and get some stuff. I took public transport there and it took me about an hour and a half. I finally arrived to find Ollie looking pretty pissed for 2 o'clock in the arvo (these days he’s always gone by 2) and realised that he had probably only had about 7 or 8 over the entire day. Luckily he had a pool so we spent the next few hours lying on inflatable devices drinking some new drink called VB. Justin arrived not long after and we invited some more mates around. Our friend Cooper was having a big party that night so we all had made plans to get from Donvale to Camberwell however we could. So it was Ollie, Justin, Cam, Stuckey and moi who ended up catching a Taxi and train to get there after smashing about 15 bottles and stealing a half full bottle of champagne out of a restaurant window. We finally arrived at 9 o'clock to see that the party had experienced a few failed gatecrash attempts. The party was good but nothing worth writing about but the main highlight was when my adrenaline junkie friend Cook lost control while bouncing on the trampoline and went through a window after a few too many brewskies yet he didn't seem to have a scratch on The same couldn’t be said about the greenhouse which he almost demolished. Anyway the party ended and we all waited out the front for taxis when a girl decided to go for the big vom all over the street while everyone pointed and laughed. Somehow her mum didn’t see the comedy in it.
Meanwhile, a group of about 12 people who had all taken up the offer to stay at Ollie's house decided to catch the train and then get a taxi as it would save a great deal of money. On the way to Camberwell station, good old trashed Ollie who kept claiming how pissed he was decided to run out and try and stop a tram with his arms. Luckily the tram driver did get some education so he stopped for us. Anyway we got to Nunawading station and headed towards McDonalds for a bite before boarding the taxis and that’s where the story really begins…

Justin had had a lot of weed that night and complained that he had stomach pains. He was one bent fella which we found plenty of comedy in. After stopping in a lane way to ‘blaze some chronic man’ we arrived at Maccas for some good old fashion 1 in the morning entertainment. Some trashed guy had bought a 50c cone and tried to eat it but smeared it all over his face. He looked like a 3 year old and his mate and everyone inside were absolutely pissing themselves. But the bitch of a manager kicked them both out for some bullshit reason. It was at about this time that we realised that our good friend Justin had magically disappeared and our other mate Derek came over with a solution to his disappearance. "Justin shit his pants!!" claimed Derek. Of course at first we didn't believe it but then the pieces of the puzzle came together and we noticed an object on the floor which looked like squashed meat pattie. As we inspected closer we realised that it was the spot in which Justin was standing for quite some time and that it was not a meat patty but a genuine steaming SHIT!!!!! Our good friend Justin had taken a nice little turd in the world's most successful restaurant. After looking for him for about 20 minutes we gave up and decided to catch taxis back to Ollie's house and continue on the night.
Back at Ollie's as I walked in the door a figure emerged from one of the bedrooms with a towel around his waste. It was Justin ! ! I fell to the floor with laughter and it took me a few minutes to get up. It turns out that Justin had caught a taxi home by himself and gone had a shower in his clothes. It was now that everyone at the party except for Justin started smoking and we played games and smoked the biggest Joint I have ever seen. We still go on about that joint today. After we had finished smoking our host Ollie passed out on the table as he mixed alcohol and weed in the wrong order. With this opportunity at hand we decided to run wild and trash his house and eat all his food. I went through 4 fruity metres that night and together we went through 2 tubs of ice cream and a bottle of Contreau. Someone had opened a bag of peas and corn on his carpet and rubbed them in with their feet. We put several eggs in the microwave and sat around as they exploded showering the inside with heated yolks. We even had a session in his living room and didn't worry about blowing the smoke out of the window. So there was Ollie out cold with his head in his arms, outside in the cold while we destroyed his house. We kept going up to Justin and telling him that he shat his pants and he kept replying "Nah, nah, I couldn't of done that." And his return to school on Monday was not the greatest. We all ended up passing out at about 4:30 and left as soon as we could the next day without cleaning up.
And by the way Ollie got in heaps of shit with his folks and got grounded for two weeks and they still keep finding remnants of that night to this day.

For the record, Fisher only made one mistake in the time i knew him, he honestly is a really funny guy and he's great to have a beer with.

Written by Colin


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