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Following last year's success, the Melbourne Uni v Monash Uni 18 hole pub crawl was back on and it delivered once again Betting, Ladies, Champagne, Beer, dirty suits and ohh yeah horses. Melbourne's premier sporting event
In case you didn't notice I was on exchange in France for most of 2005. Here are the happy snaps
Okay, the speeches weren't brilliant but it was a good night for beer.
It's back, and it was as horrifying as ever. The now world famous week where vomit, nudity and no memory is cool! No plans, no tickets, no idea. The New Years where we had no idea what we were gonna do till 10pm The age old tradition continues. Going to the G at 9, smuggling in beers getting pissed and watching NO cricket The highly anitcipated Golf themed Pub Crawl plotted Melbourne Uni vs Monash Uni for a huge day
A big party at Sean's to remind everyone that he's going to Canada for a period of time Our big night to celebrate the end of exams. Started at Mitch's going away and concluded at Ollie's. Our visit to Flemington Racecourse, in all it's splendour and disgrace Sean randomly decided to have a party where we killed 3 kegs. Sean gave a new meaning to hosting the party from bed
The biggest week of the year. Non-stop drinking and no classes. Alcholics can't even dream of this Some more pictures from a different source. Mainly focusing on the Centurion. Shit, shit after party. $7 beers can suck my balls. Stay clear of Evolution The annual Mess Engineering Ball was themed Straight Outta Hollywood and was a huuuge night
Went on for a staggering 30 hours non-stop. Who said drinking was only a night time activity Woody's 19th was as wild a weekend as any drunk could handle. More arse than class and Priya loved it all
2003, our debut on the Green Week stage. Some classic snaps here  


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