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Welcome to the innaugral 2004 home grown Mullet contest. If you've got a grouse rug hanging a few feet from your shoulders, leave your email and I'll put you in. The winner takes home a crap load of respect and If I get beaten, I'll give the winner a sixer, so get your entry in soon. You can vote down the bottom of the page.Warning: Under no circumstances will Chapel St. designer mullets be allowed to enter. This is for strictly bogans and wanna be bogans only!


Mullet 1. Col's Bleached 1 eyebrowe mullet, earned via a weekend at engineering camp and about 3 slabs Mullet 2. Ollie's mullet. No bleach but still has some nice kick, and the Jack Daniels 'Drinking Shirt' to go with it
Mullet 3. Smiley Steve’s mullet also an eng camp effort Steve wasn’t so smiley after having this done but we sure were. Great job Steve It even made it to Uni. Mullet 4. Woody’s Mullet, alla Lauren. After a big night at the Wheeler’s, not as much respect deserved as it never saw the light of day