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Colin is a mechanical engineering student with somewhat of a serious drinking problem. While most go through 3 or 4 beers in an hour, Colin finds time to cruise through about 8. Colin has once completed the Monash Centurion which has given him at times an unwanted reputation. This all may have disappeared that was until Engineering Camp (coming soon) this summer when Colin disgraced himself in every manner possible. Colin's interests include Footy, watching Commando and Chopper and turning chicken burgers at Nandos.


10 Greatest Movies of all time:

1. Commando
2. Kill Bill Vol.1
3. Chopper
4. Total Recall
5. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
6. Pulp Fiction
7. Weekend at Bernies
8. Terminator 2
9. The Rock
10. Brother

I will personally hunt down and torture anyone who disputes this list of movies.