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Upcoming Events
Brought to you by Alcohol

Priya, Chilli's and Meera's Birthday

the plan is to have a BYO BBQ and Drinks at 5/5.30pm til 9pm. with speeches
and cake at about 7pm.
and then at nine, we'll head out somewhere.


Events that you missed out on



26 NOV Intervarsity Golf Pub Crawl
16 NOV Sean's Going Away Party
12 NOV End of Exams (Mitch and Ollie's parties)
6 OCT Snow Ball
23 SEP MSA Oktoberfest
26 AUG MESS Cocktail Night
29 JUL
Colin's Birthday
26-30 JUL
Green Week 2004

25 JUN

End of Exams
26 MAY MESS Richmond Pub Crawl
22 MAY Croft's kidnapping and keg party
31 MAY Engineering Ball 2004
27-29 FEB Engineering 1st Year Camp


23 NOV Centurion at Random Ollie's (Point Lonsdale)
15 NOV Sean's 2nd Party
11 NOV Ollie's 19th Party / End of Exams
21 SEP Pax's Grand Final Weekend
12-14 SEP Woody's Farm Weekend
28-31 JUL Green Week 2003
27-28 JUN Colin's Beach Party
31 MAY Waz's Party (Towel Rack breaking theme)
22 APR Priya's First Party
9 APR Engineering Ball 2003
28 FEB - 2 MAR Engineering Camp 2003

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