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Welcome to the Drunkfun.20m.com Offical Art of Spewing Page. Here you will discover and learn the many fruitful and highly impressive ways to evacuate all your bodily fluids in a matter of seconds. Possible reasons to spew:

You are too drunk (hey hey)

You ate a whole block of Swiss cheese

You ate a whole block of Swiss cheese then tried your luck at a yard glass

You are trying to get rid of an ugly chick

You learned that 11 Long Island Ice Teas are different to 11 Beers

or You wanna shed some pounds for summer

There are many ways to vomit. Most of us choose to keep our dignity and keel over a toilet or some bushes and keep it quiet as possible. But the true essence of alcohol is the loss of dignity, so why not try something a bit different, which is sure to entertain the whole family!


The Helicopter
A real popular public spew method. Probably the easiest of all theatrical spews as spinning round in a circle is easy, even for engineers. An added bonus, is the spinning around sensation is likely to bring on more chunks, so your endurance soars.


The Windmill
May look similar to the helicopter, but you're just about guaranteed to get showered in your own pieces of carrot and lasagne when you try the Windmill. Start at about 45 degrees, and as the tap is opened, swing your head back, and with lucky, you might spray chunks on someone else in the process


Spew in your hands and rub it in your hair
One of the most popular spews, mostly practiced by Uni students. This spew should really only be done when the chant "Spew in your hands, and rub it in your hair" (to the tune of the Geelong Cats theme song) is belted out by a large mob. You will find that such chants will come your way after polishing off a few beer bongs and you're starting to look a bit off colour. Better do what the angry mob says!


The Fountain
The favourite spew for your friend with alcohol poisoning. The best part is, you don't have to get up! And we all know what wonders a fountain does to the interior decor of a living room. Suitable for lying in bed, passed out upright on a couch or with a broken neck


Reverse Park
Simply spew to cover your tracks. To make it even cooler, the moonwalk will add nothing but class to your reputation if you can pull it off. But no points if you get any on your shoes


The Koala
Possibly the funniest idea and truly Australian nonetheless. The key to teh Koala, is to start sober and do all your drinking while up a tree. Climbing tree after drinks is pretty tricky and bound to end in doing a fountain instead of a Koala. When you can smell green, wrap your arms and legs around a big branch and spew onto onlooking Japanese tourists.


Ideal for spewing in a pub or in centurion at Green Week. If you have to hurl, and you see security nearby, grab the closest pint and fill her up. If the big-arse maori dude is onto your scent, then your only option is to dispose of the evidence in the one place he can't search... (no, not up your arse Ollie...)


The Gardener
A big Saturday night obviously results in a bad Sunday morning. The hungover spew is never fun, coz the booze has worn off, and you have to experience all the pain that is vomit. It is also common knowledge that Sunday is a good day for Gardening. So help your dad out, and water.. no... feed the plants for him.


What a shit movie! But hey, wouldn't it have been funny if Toby McGuire spewed all over Kirsten Dunst while hanging from a drainpipe. That kinda unpredictability is the difference between good movies and cult classics. HINT: give your nose a good bushman's blow after this spew


and finally...

Feed the dog
If like me, you constantly find your folks leaving you home alone on weekends, you'll realise that there's never enough time on a Sunday morning for your hangover and looking after the dog. But luckily at Drunkfun.20m.com we've found a solution, which will keep everyone happy. 'Here Snoopy! It's your favourite... Souvlaki and Vodka!'


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