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To be used in conjunction with any proper drinking game

- Nobody may utter the word "drink" or "point"
- Nobody may use another player's first name
- Nobody may swear
- No player may point at another player
--- Most versions only disallow pointing with a finger - elbows are a popular alternative
- "Drink with the clock" - If the minute hand of the clock is on the left side of the clock face, the player drinks using his left hand, and vice versa for the other side of the face
- Save The Queen: should a coin be dropped into a beverage, its owner must shout "God Save The Queen!" and consume the entire contents of the vessel as quickly as is humanly possible, in order to prevent the Sovereign's image on the coin from "drowning".


This is probably the most popular drinking game for a large group of people going around, but no 2 versions are usually the same. Below is one way you can allocate cards, but there are many different ways. Always try and keep the fun ones, such as make a rule, waterfall, and add to the pint.

What You Need:

- a deck of cards
- a pint glass
- beer
- people down to get drunk

How To Play:

2-YOU...you give someone a drink
3-ME...you take one drink
4-PISS CARD...this card allows you to go to the toilet and bring one person, can be held for later use
5-THUMB-MASTER...when a four is drawn everyone must place their thumb on the table last to do so drinks
6-SNAKE_EYES...who ever draws 6 becomes snake eyes and if you look into their eyes you must drink
7-McGINTY..First player say one then, counting continues around the table until 7 a multiple of 7 or any number containing seven comes up then you must say McGINTY the the direction changes, e.g 7, 14 ,17 77 first person to stuff up must drink
8-HAVE YOU EVER...start by saying have you ever and anyone who has must drink
9-RYHME...bust a rhyme, person who messes it up drinks
10-CATEGORY...pick a categories (types of beer, cars, etc.)
J-BACK... reverses the order of drinking, clockwise goes to counterclockwise
Q-RULE...make a rule (check out Rule Ideas)
K-PINT...person who draws king pours quarter of a glass of beer into pint until, last person to draw king drinks pint
A-WATERFALL...chug your beer, cant stop till person before you stops

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What You Need:

- 1 Glass
- 1 Deck of cards
- Drinks and lots of them

How To Play:

Set the glass in the center of a table and place the deck of cards, face down, on top of the glass. Play should start with the person to the left of the person who placed the cards top of the bottle. Each player takes a turn blowing at the cards on top of the glass in an attempt to blow some, not all of the cards off the bottle. The players can blow as many or as few cards off as they want. The player who blows the last card off the glass consumes an entire drink.

That's it. Sounds easy doesn't it? Perhaps a little too easy? Try this little twist to the game, after a player blows cards off the bottle they have to get up and snort some coke. Just kidding. To make the game a little more interesting you can add in the rule that when ever a player blows an ace off the bottle, that player has to take a drink. So if a bunch of cards are blown off and there is an ace in the pile that was just blown off, the player who blew those cards off the bottle has to take one drink for each ace blown off the bottle.

This game may sound easy but you really can screw people while playing it. Especially if you are good enough to blow most of the cards off at once and leave the next player with only a couple left, almost ensuring that they will be drinking more than a few ounces of beer once they are done blowing.

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What You Need:

- Beer(liquor if ur hardcore)
- Crushed empty can
- Road With Cars
- Roof

How To Play:

Place a crushed can on the yellow line of the road. Then proceed to find a close by roof and sit on it with a case(s) of beer. Separate into 2 teams. When a car going one way on the road goes by the one team drinks 1 swig, when a car the other way goes by, the other team drinks 1 swig. If the can in the center is hit at any point, it is a social(everyone drinks 1 swig).

Special Rules: A ute is 2 swigs.
Motorcycle is 2 swigs.
Vehicle towing anything is 2 swigs.
Taxi is 2 swigs
Car with different coloured panel is 3 swigs.
Cop car with lights on and spotlight pointed at the roof is 10 swigs and time to bail
After 2AM, the amount of drinks double(due to low traffic...except for bar traffic)
Anyone that falls off the roof is disqualified, and if there happens to be an accident, finish your beer and get the hell out of there.

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What you need:

- Dice x 2
- Football record with list of your footy team
- Beer
- Non-Bandwagon footy supporters

How to play:

At the beginning of the game, pick out 3 guns and 3 hacks from your team and write their numbers down. This game works best when you have every competitor representing a different team. The game works by passing the dice around in a circle and rolling 1 dice first to find the first number (if you roll a 5 or 6, count it as zero). Next, roll both the dice again to find the second number (this time use 11 & 12 as zero). For example if you rolled 2 and 9 with your 2 rolls, you would get a number of 29, or if you rolled 5 and 9 your number would simply be 9.
If your number is one of your guns, everyone else drinks, but if your number is one of the hacks from your team, brace yourself. All other numbers can usually pass for a sip of your drink unless the mob says otherwise. In fact these rules are probably useless against mob decisions but try them anyway.

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This game was proudly donated by Tim Cook and Tim Stuckey. They never told me the name but I think Tug-Boat does it justice.

What You Need:

- Round outdoor table with hole in the center (usually for an umbrella)
- Length of string (approximately 1m longer than the diameter of the table) for each contestant
- No females

How To Play:

Arrange seats evenly around the circular table. Next feed all of the pieces of string into the hole in the center of the table so that each contestant is holding 1 piece each UNDER the table and the other end is sprouting up through the hole. Now the here comes the fun bit. Tie the end of the string in your hands around your penis (yes that's right, your slong, wang, dick, johansson etc.) and tie it tight enough so that it doesn't cut of the blood supply but also so the string can't be easily pulled off. So once everyone has done so, the game can begin. The first person starts by pulling up the slack on one of the loose strings in the middle, and then giving it a yank.
If A) Someone let's out a yelp, moan scream or any noise, they must drink half a beer
B) No-one makes any noise, the string puller must skull half a beer
C) Player pulls his own string and makes a noise, after the hysterical laughter has died down, the player must skull an entire beer.

And so the game goes on and on, until everyone is too pissed or too 'sore'.

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What You Need:

- Booze

How to Play:

Prior to the beginning the game, everybody playing decides what type of "Shit" they are going to be such as AGB, Reverse Kangaroo, Upperdecker, Acid turd etc.

One person starts the game by saying, "Who Shit, Shit." Then the person who was called responds by saying their own Shit followed by another player's shit. Example:

You have four people playing:
AGB, Sloppy Shit, Top Deck,
and Fisher Shit. AGBbegins:

AGB: "Who Shit, Fisher Shit"
FS: "Fisher, Sloppy shit"
SS: "Sloppy Shit, Fisher Shit"
FS: "Fisher Shit, Top Deck"

This continues until either somebody fails to immediately respond when called, or somebody calls on a non-existent shit. The person who screwed up then takes a drink and starts with "Who Shit."

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Finally a game for the billiards player. A challenging game with a High buzz factor.

What you Need:

- Beer
- Billiards Table

How to play:

This game is a variant on just plain 8 ball. However, the set up is quite different. All of the solid balls are placed in a cluster over the dot. The set up should look something like this: (The 8 ball is over the dot)

Meanwhile, the stripes are placed along the side rails, two balls 1/4 of the way from the side pockets, two more half way, two more 3/4 of the way, and one centered between the two corner pockets on the end.

If a player sinks a solid ball, the player gets to give out the number of the ball in healthy swigs of beer. If a player sinks a stripe, the player must drink the number of the ball. In the event of a scratch, the player must finish his/her drink. When all of the stripes have been sunk, the game is over. Until that point, whenever there is only one solid left on the table, all the other solids are placed on the table with the five position deleted


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The original sepo drinking game. HINT: they're actually really easy to beat at it aswell

What you need:

- Beer
- Ping Pong Table

How to Play:

Just like ping-pong, this can be played either in singles or doubles.

Each player fills a cup with beer and places it one paddle-width from the end of the table, in the center (or a paddle-width from the side for doubles). Hitting your opponent's cup earns you a point and requires the opponent to sip (5 sips to a cup). If you get the ball in your opponent's cup, you are awarded 5 points and the opponent must drink whatever remains in the cup (excluding the ball).

No player may touch the ball prior to its hitting the table or a cup; if the ball hits a cup before hitting the table, it remains in play even after a single bounce on the table. A player may attempt to save a point after the ball hits a cup by returning it (provided of course the ball has bounced no more than one time). Multiple hits count only as a single point (exception: a ball hitting a cup and then bouncing inside the cup, or inside the partner's cup, counts as a 5-point inside-the-cup "poofter").

A number of house rules are common - knocking a cup over is grounds for a penalty chug (but no points); ball may not be "auto-returned" via a fortuitous bounce off the cup, etc. The trajectories of the volleys should be high arcs, to keep things civilized (and to maximize your chance at a poofter)It is advised not to throw Seags into table tennis tables otherwise they can break.


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It's chicken with a difference

What you need:

- A sixpack of cans
A box
- Some friends to play with

How to Play:

The rules are so easy, a drunk person could understand. Take one can. Shake it. Now I don't mean just shake it, I mean SHAKE the fucker! Till it's about to blow up. Then put it in the box with the others and mix them around (one person not looking) and then switch them around again (the other person not looking) Basically, nobody knows where it is.

Now, one person picks a can, holds it to his/her head at an angle, and opens it. If it's not the one, he/she has to drink it. If it is the one, he/she gets a wet head and you can start all over or whatever. Then, if it wasn't the one, the next player takes one and tries. etc.


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Another game for the insane, very very high buzz factor. As the story goes, nobody has ever won, lost or drawn.

What you need:

- Plenty of Cash
- A non-crowded bar

How to Play:

Some tips :

* don't play it in a crowded bar (you may lose 'your' barman).
* Make sure the bar staff are friendly and can take a joke (very important to avoid a draw).
* Don't make any plans for the following morning.

The steps are very simple:

1. The drinker approaches the bar and orders a shot drink (whisk(e)y, bourbon, vodka, etc., etc..).
2. The drinker pays for the drink with too much money (i.e. hand over a $5-bill for a $2 drink).
3. As the barman goes away to get change, the drinker shoots the shot.
4. When the barman returns with the change, go to step number 1.

The game ends in a number of possible ways:

* drinker falls over (Result: Bar wins).
* barman punches drinker's lights out (Result: Draw).
* drinker gets thrown out (Result: Draw).
* bar closes (Result: Drinker wins).

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Merci Jim Brimmer for teaching us this wonderful game in France

What you need:

- 1 Pint Glass (minimum)
50c coin (or any large coin)
- Individual stash of beer

How to Play:

The The brilliance of this game is that it came be played anywhere, except in deep space where no gravity exists. Arrogrand or what could surely be labelled as attempted suicide in a court of law, is most commonly played at your local pub. First, you gather a group of minimum 3 people (2 if you're super-insane) and sit yourselves in circle around a table. The first person starts by filling the pint glass up to the level where they think they can scull. Once you've done this, you flip the coin and call heads or tails while it's in the air. If you called it correctly, you pass the glass (without emptying its contents) to the next person in the circle. If you call the toss incorrectly, then you finish that goddamn drink. So the game goes on, and in some cases you may end up having to down 2 pints back-to-back coz the cunt before you was fucking arrogant!

And of course to add some colour to the game, it doesn't hurt to constantly quote Top Gun

That's pretty arrogant considering the company you're in
Yes sir..

I like that in a drinker

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Don't Laugh

What you need:

- People and beer

How to Play:

This is just an easy fun game with no real purpose than to get drunk. You go round in a circle and each person picks a vegetable. While keeping their teeth covered they have to say the vegetable they chose twice... "Potatoe Potatoe". If they show their teeth while saying it or another player shows their teeth (usually the result of laughter), you have to drink.

Variations on the game can use different topics such as STDs, lollies, colors etc.


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Guaranteed to FUCK... YOU... UP

What you need:

- People and beer

How to Play:

Another game with no equipment but this game usually works best with about 5-10 people. The game is set up with everyone sitting in a circle and 1 person starts off by saying "To my right, 1". The person sitting to the right then says "2" and then the person to their right says "3" and it continues around the circle until someone lands on number 21. This person has to scull half a glass.. Now obviously this seems a bit elementary but it gets interesting with the rules of double and triple numbers. If the person next to me says "5" and I say "6, 7" (double number) it goes back to the last person and changes direction. If i say "6, 7, 8" (triple number) the direction remains the same but it skips a person. If you fail to respond, respond when it's not your go, or you say the wrong number, you have to drink and the game goes back to 1.
On top of this, when it reaches 21 and after the lucky son-of-a-bitch has to scull, he/she then decides on a rule change. The most common examples of this are swapping two numbers in the order (eg. 1 2 3 9 5 6 7 8 4 10...) or replacing a number with a word (eg. 1 2 3 cabbage 5 6 7...). Here are some other good examples:

-Drink on every multiple of 6
-jump off your seat when it goes backwards
-No use of the word 'number'
-Everyone has to say 8 together
-Drink on every number that has a square root
-Drink on every multiple of 1 (warning dangerous)

After a while, the chain of numbers could look like this:
1, 19, 7 (drink), cabbage, *clap*, 20 (drink), 3... etc.
And of course everytime you fuck up, you have to drink and start from 1 (to my left/right 1). Trying to remember 100 things at once while your pissed makes this game a cracker and is guaranteed to get you slammed quickly.

Tip: Try 21 before you go out and to save money

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This game is easy to play with a couple of mates if you wish to combine quality movies with quality drinking.

What You Need:

- One copy of Commando

How To Play:

This is very simple. Take three drinks (2 fingers worth of beer) every time someone dies in the movie Commando.

Seeming that this movie is great on so many violent levels, if you're still sober enough to hear "Let off some steam Bennett" then your not playing properly, or you are David Boon.

Play this game, and post how far into the movie you got before chundering in the 'Drinking Games' section of the message board.


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What you need:

- 1 copy of Billy Madison

How to Play:

The rules are simple, watch the movie "Billy Madison" and take a drink when ever any of the following events occur:

- Billy passes a grade

- Billy sees the penguin

- Any one is drinking

- Billy makes a preverted comment

- Billy makes a pass at his teacher

- The clown appears

- That bad guy makes his weasel laugh(3 drinks if you know his name)

- The housekeeper makes a pass at Billy

- SnackPacks are shown

- Billy answers a question in class

- Flaming poop is shown

- Any time someone say "O'Doyle rules"

- Someone laughs



What you need:

- A copy of all 5 Kevin Smith Films

How to play:


* Any reference to hockey is made (1 drink).
* A character from another Askew-niverse film is mentioned (1 drink).
* Jay or Silent Bob raise their fist to someone approaching them (1 drink).
* A reference to a non-askewniverse film is made (Star Wars, Jaws, Pretty In Pink, etc.) (1 drink).
* A pop culture reference is made (2 drinks, use your own discretion.)
* Any character gives another character advice that he/she received from his/her grandmother (2 drinks).
* Any reference of Rick Derris having sex with someone is made (2 drinks).
* Jay gives or offers any drug to another character (2 drinks).
* Walt Flanagan's dog is mentioned in any context (3 drinks).
* (OPTIONAL) Choose a character and drink once each time their name is mentioned.


· Someone buys a pack of cigarettes (2 if this person happens to be a little girl).
· A customer asks, "Are you open?" (3 drinks if the reply is "NO!!!").
· Dante proclaims, "I'm not even supposed to BE here today!"
· A lyric from "Berserker" is sung.
· Dante slams the cash register door closed in anger.
· A reference to Star Wars is made.

TWO Sips WHEN...
· Someone says "37".
· A scene is inserted to allow a cut to break up a long take.
· Quik Stop or RST Video's doors are locked during normal business hours.
· Randall insults a customer.
· Someone mentions smelling the odor of shoe polish.
· Someone says, "Bunch of savages in this town."

· Someone screws a dead guy.
· A word from from one of your high school vocabulary quizzes that you can't define appears onscreen.
· Lenin's Tomb is onscreen.
· Randal is seen "working" behind the counter at RST video.

· Silent Bob has a line (6 big ones!).

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· Silent Bob attempts the Jedi mind trick.
· T.S. whines about Brandi.
· You catch a glimpse of Brodie's dixie cup.
· Rene gets pissed at Brodie (2 if she physically hits him in the process).
· Bare breasts are seen onscreen.
· The food court is seen or mentioned.

TWO Sips WHEN...
· Brodie waxes philosophical on comic books.
· Willam tries to find the hidden picture.
· LaFours takes off or loses his hat.
· Rene's outfit miraculously changes between scenes in the mall.
· Somebody notices an unsupervised child riding the escalator.
· Shannon touches someone on the ass.
· Brodie says, "Holy Shit!".

· A character describes Shannon's sexual habits.
· The Easter Bunny is accosted.
· Brodie discusses superhero sex organs or Lois Lane's fertility.
· Jay and Silent Bob make a failed attempt to wreck the stage.
· Someone mentions the back seat of a volkswagon.
· Brodie refers to the place as "my mall".

· The last person to scream in terror at the sight of Mr. Svenning's bare ass drinks 5.
(In the event of a tie, EVERYONE drinks 5.)
· When Brodie offers a sip out of his dixie cup to Shannon, finish your beer!

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· Someone says the word "lesbian".
· A character tells a story that involves a flashback.
· A character drinks (any beverage).
· A character is seen smoking a cigarette (2 if you see them LIGHT the cigarette).

TWO Sips WHEN...
· Alyssa cries (4 drinks if actual tears are seen).
· Banky makes a homophobic comment.
· A character drinks Pete's Wicked Ale.
· Hooper appears in the "Hooper X" character.
· An actor or actress from a previous Kevin Smith movie appears onscreen(not including Holden, Alyssa, or Banky. We're not responsible for your actions if you DO decide to include them.).
· Holden hits Banky.

· Brian O'Hallaran is onscreen. If you don't know who Brian is, drink 6.
· A character bashes the Hartford Whalers.
· Holden thinks that Alyssa wants him.
· Jay & Silent Bob appear.
· The Pete's Wicked Ale logo appears onscreen, but no one is drinking it.
· Holden cries.
· The "shared moment" hand gesture is made.

· When Banky declares, "Bring on the free hooch!", say the phrase along with him or pay the price: 5 big ones. An excellent punishment for rookies.

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· Someone says the word "Demon".
· Someone says the word "Angel" or "Angels".
· An actor/actress from Clerks (aside from Jay or Silent Bob, let's be reasonable) appears onscreen.
· An actor/actress from Chasing Amy (aside from Affleck or Damon) appears onscreen.
· Salma Hayek says something you can't understand (use discretion).
· Jay attempts to get sex out of Bethany.
· Bethany rolls her eyes.
· An angel makes reference to being anotomically impaired (double if they SHOW someone as proof).

TWO Sips WHEN...

· An angel attempts to drink alcohol.
· A digital effect is used.
· A sign for a transportation company called "Loughran" or "Derris" is seen.
· A character holds a gun on someone (double the drinks if it's actually fired ON CAMERA).
· An angels' wings are seen.
· Silent Bob lights/smokes a cigarette.
· A character or chracters physically hold another character back from doing something.
· Rufus calls Silent Bob "biggie".


· George Carlin (Cardinal Glick) has a scene.
· Silent Bob says something.
· Someone orders a "Holy Bartender" (repeat when a character gets the joke).
· Mooby or one of the Moobyverse characters are seen.
· Drink God appears in any of his or her forms (Don't spoil it for first-timers! Drink Your 3 quietly).
· An angel (or former angel) is killed.
· A demon is killed.
· A body falls from the sky.


· When the guys who wrote this game appear on screen, finish your drink.
· Say "God Bless You" when Loki sneezes or incur his wrath (you may substitute three drinks for Loki's wrath).

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· A computer generated (CGI) or bluescreen effect is used (once per scene).
· Someone uses the word "clit".
· An actor/actress from "American Pie" appears (once per scene, per character).
· A character uses a drug of any kind.
· Chaka says "cracker".
· A joke is made at Miramax's expense.

TWO Sips WHEN...

· One character refers to another character as "gay".
· A Star Wars reference is made.
· Willenholly shows his badge to someone.
· Jay gets a kiss (real or imaginary).
· A joke is made at Ben Affleck's expense.
· Jay sings a song.


· Silent Bob speaks.
· Someone calls Jay "little kid".
· A "Star Wars" alumnus appears on screen.
· Someone farts.
· A monkey kisses someone.
· Mooby appears (once per scene).


· Aside from Kevin, any time ANOTHER film director appears on screen -- 5 sips.
· You don't know who the two guys shopping in the background of Quick Stop are (shame on you!) -- 2 sips.
· When monkeys take over the world, FINISH YOUR DRINK!

Rule Ideas

Basic Rules:

* no names
* no numbers
* no saying drink, drank, or drunk, or just no words that begin with d
* no swearing
* no pointing
* no touching your face
* drink with your left hand
* say cheers before drinking
* repeat the last word of ever sentence sentence

Better Complex Rules:

* Gangster rule/accents: everyone has to speak in afro-american or with a particular accent or vernacular every time they speak.
* Boot camp rule: everyone has to say "sir yes sir" before and after they speak
* Puke either way rule: (good towards the end of the game): each time you break a rule you have to do 10 penalty push ups or sit ups, BUT if you're lazy, you can opt to drink 5 penalty sips instead. (NOTE: THIS FUCKING SUCKS!)
* Yodel rule: designate someone to yodel everytime someone leaves the table
* Martian rule: an imaginary martian lives on top of your beer and you have to remove it before you drink and put it on the table next to your beer and then return it or you drink again
* Michael Jackson rule: before you speak you have to point in the air and say "hee hee" like michael jackson or you drink (it sounds lame but actually ends up being really funny)
* Partners rule: the person across from you has to drink if you drink (designated partners should be made so as to avoid confusion)
* [Boys/Girls] choice: In boys choice, if a girl breaks a rule the boys picks a different girl in the group and makes her drink too. obviously the other way around for boys choice. (THIS CAN START SOME SHIT...REEEOOOWWW!)

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