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Drunkfun.20m.com is proud to bring you the All Time Drinking Hall of Fame. We will celebrate people who have made drinking what it is today, those who have set milestones unlikely to ever be broken and just general piss-heads. We salute you all


Sammy the Bear

In August 2004, Sammy the black bear wandered into a camping ground in Seattle, Washington, where he found several slabs of beer in a nearby tent. He proceeded to open a few cans with his teeth and guzzled them down like a seasoned pro. Sammy started with some Busch, (mass produced beer, but soon switched to the local Rainer Beer where he proceeded to finish off a grand total of 36 cans. Sammy was found the next day passed out on the camping ground lawn.


John 'Bluto' Blutarsky

John Blutarsky is the token drunk character from the 1977 classic "National Lampoon's Animal House" (played by John Belushi).The only fictional character, to appear in our Hall of Fame, he shows his drinking class by drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels (as pictured) in 4 seconds. Typifies the guy in every group of friends who believes the only way to fix any problem, is to drink your way through.


FLOUNDER: "What are we gonna do?"
BLUTO: "My advice to you is to start drinking heavily."
OTTER: "Better listen to him, Flounder. He's pre-med."


Russel Crowe

The Australian Oscar winning relative of Kiwi puss-head cricketer Martin Crowe. Since Russell’s Oscar victory, he's decided to try his hand at other things such as singing and poetry. Russell has been seen on many occasions to be reciting Poetry whilst enjoying several brews, and if you happen to not particularly enjoy his poetry then he’ll bash you like any good drunk would. In fact the things Russell has tried his hand at and succeeded best at is getting drunk and bashing people. Russ was grabbed in a headlock by a woman when tried to start a brawl in a bar in Mexico. And a month later he got taken down by another female (this time a Karate instructor) when he tried to start a brawl in the same bar. Ohh yea, he also picked a fight with his own bodyguard.



Prince Harry

Prince Harry is one of the greatest drunks of them all, although I think he deserves to be, considering he’s a prince but there’s no chance in hell he’ll ever get to be King. Secondly, he has red hair which is enough to turn any normal person into a drunken idiot. Now what hasn’t Harry done well firstly he used to love underage boozing near his daddy's estate where not only could he sink some piss, but get stoned off his nut, to the extent that his eyes became the same color as his hair. And the most recent of his drunken antics was to beat a poor photographer in the head with his own camera... Well done Harry I think that deserves another Beer.


Fraser Gehrig

Now Fraser had a mullet that was one to be truly proud of, and after too many kilos of fanmail, he cut it off. Fraser's first famous investment in booze was when Steven Lawrence came round, and they did a 10 hour beer marathon. Fraser being the great kid that he is, let Steve drive home, and poor Mr. Lawrence (as the judge would have called him) wrapped his car around a pole. But Fraser picked up his game and won the coleman medal. So he decides to go out and celebrate at Wild Bills (Nighclub in Southland) and let his lack of hair down, but in doing so, hits the turps, pretty violently, and in the true fashion of drunkfun and decides he needs to piss. But at the time he was at the bar and was about to be served so instead of losing his spot in the queue, he decided to piss on the young girl next to him, you know some animals do this as a sign of affection. You should hook in mate.


Boris Yeltsin


Everybody knows that Russians like to drink, although the amber liquid is replaced with a clear one... its not water so it’s ok. They love their WWODKA, hell they make the best damn vodka in the world, and drink it better than anyone else. So it makes sense that these vodka lovers would have no-one else than a vodka lover run their country. In Boris Yeltsin, they selected the biggest vodka lover of them all to lead post Communist Russia. If Boris sweats, you can smell the vodka, so we hale him at number five as one of the greatest political drinkers, in our Drunk Idiots hall of fame


Bruce from Darwin

This one goes for the stupidest drinker out there, Bruce encapsulates everything there is as a Darwin bogan. One day whilst driving home from the pub Bruce saw a king brown snake on the road and remembered his mate saying he needed something to put in his fish tank. So being the top bloke that Bruce is, he decided to catch it, he got out of his car, beer still in hand and picked up the snake. The snake didn’t like this very much so it bit Bruce on the hand. Ol' Brucie didn’t give up that easily though and threw the snake into a plastic bag leaving his hand in there to get bitten 8 more times. Whilst driving home Bruce was lapsing in and out of consciousness so his mate in the car with him proceeded to hit him and tip his beer on to him to keep him awake. What a great mate. Gave up his beer for Ol' Brucie


Bob Hawke

We come from a country of 18 million, when the world population is 5 billion, you wouldn’t think it’d be highly likely that a mere Australian could hold the world record for Sculling one Scounce (which is the same as 2.5 pints) which he did in 11 seconds. But then what are the chances of this one man then becoming Prime Minister of Australia. Of course Bob was off setting records back when he was a young'un at Oxford University. On the morning that Australia won the America's cup, Bob said "Any boss that fires a worker for coming in late is a BUM!" That’s why we love him.


Steve Petrosino

Gotta give props to probably the best non-celebrity drinker on god's green earth. And we're not alone, Guinness themselves and no not the stout company recognised him as the man. Having consumed 1 liter of beer, now that’s just under a jug in 1.3 seconds, this guy has held the world record for sculling a litre of beer for 27 years now. Lets see if we can fly him out for green week next year. And if you think he’s lost his touch here’s a video of him backing up 27 years later sinking a pot in 0.14 seconds... just under his original world record time for that size





The great Tasmanian himself. Many of us have flown from Sydney to London, and many of us have drunk 54 beers at one time in our life. be it on a 3 day bender at eng camp or for those med students out there, probably their whole life. But none of us could even comprehend doing both at the same time Boony holds the Sydney to London record of 54 beers, for which his record stands firm to this day. No wonder he was dubbed 'The Kegs on Legs'. Rumour has it that Boonie managed to polish off 6 VB stubbies in the airport lounge before departure. He is also responsible for having a spew over the practice pitch, live on TV. Congratulations Boonie. Drunkfun.20m.com's No.1

Just so you know, this is what 54 beers looks like