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Here at the boxing day test, i went the massive vom in the toilets

"Where am I?"

Friday 30th December

Dislaimer: The consumption of alcohol should only be done by true professionals otherwise results in the actions as shown below

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Now online!

As most of the stars (yeah i wish) of this website are heavily involved in Monash Engineering, it gives us drunken and ready to vomit pleasure to announce that the the new Monash Engineering Students Society website is now online. It is still under construction but there is still heaps to see and fuck loads more to come. So check it out below...


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Make sure you check out the posts on our forums for all the wheelings and dealings of the future month. With Uni preparations already beginning to take shape, it should be a hell of a time

Drunkfun.20m.com On Location: At the Cricket

Posted 30th December by Colin


By sheer weight of numbers of attendance, in spirit and in number of players who finished on 18 shots, Monash Uni definetely won the 2nd ever now annual Golf Pub Crawl. The 2 drunkfunners, Sean and Colin both finished on 18 although we seriously can't remember the last 3 holes so if anyone was there and saw us, can you please let us know. So thanks again to Melbourne for an awesome afternoon, hopefully you guys enjoyed it as much as us and it will be back with force next year.

Photos here

Posted 25th November by Colin

Welcome to Drunkfun.20m.com

Drunkfun.20m.com capers for the needs of those who have soberphobia. Drinking can cause many things. Well documented are the causes which involve loss of money, gain in weight, loss of brain cells, collapse of marriage and involvement in pre-marital sex. But rumours are spreading of certain advantages behind drinking. Such things are silly pranks, vommitting, talking to ugly females, beer bongs, drinking games and incriminating stories which are bound to dominate your 21st. To achieve these and many other wonderful things, we at drunkfun hope to give you some advice and share our zaney experiences when we opened up the bottle of metho.

Drunkfun was created by 2 Engineering students from Monash University, Australia. We primarily used it to share some photos of some big nights, but a few documented drinking games, articles on using a bag of goon and some stupid stories later, Drunkfun.20m.com is a library for all your drinking needs. Enjoy!


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